Bob the Other Builder
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‘Forget your celebrity biographies – read about the life of someone who really matters …’  Doug Gallagher, Glos Magazine

‘The story is a joy to read …’  Richard Hope-Hawkins, Area Magazine

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'Daniel was ill. And, realistically, tragically, no one could do anything about it. My brother was destined for other places. Along came Bob: a smiley man I can still picture in my head.' Thomas Palombo.

WHAT WOULD YOU have done to emerge from an impoverished childhood in Bristol in the 1930s?

Bob the Other Builder tells the inspiring story of the young Bob Woodward, who, after reading a library book called 'How to Build a House', became a successful property developer.

WHAT WOULD YOU have done after witnessing the uncovering of a beautiful but badly damaged Roman mosaic?

Bob researched the masterpiece and, with his brother John, constructed a replica of the world-renowned Great Orpheus Pavement. This astonishing work of art took ten long years to complete and is now exhibited for the world to enjoy at Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire.

WHAT WOULD YOU have done when faced with losing your son to a life-threatening illness?

Bob fought back by founding a remarkable children's charity, CLIC (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood). Within a few short years, CLIC became a major children's cancer charity, supporting sick children and their families.

WHAT WOULD YOU have to do to be named as one of the world's great humanitarians by Mikhail Gorbachev?

Bob's work carried him into a vivid, different world and his travels throughout the UK, America and, more tellingly, post-Chernobyl Russia and Hungary tell their own fascinating stories.

WHAT WOULD YOU have done if the work you felt you had been called upon to do was suddenly taken from you?

Bob struggled to clear his name after being suspended by the Charity Commission and the story follows the heart-breaking impact that this controversial loss made on his life.

Bob the Other Builder reveals Bob's faith, relentless commitment, courage and passion for life; his uplifting and creative journey is emotive and compelling. It will appeal to all who seek inspiration from an extraordinary life.

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Front cover photograph by Paul Gillis.

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